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All Comments

Is there such thing as an asian girl with a booty?
cause I think asian women have the sexiest eyes and cutest faces. But ive seen them with boobs but never a booty. Like i like white chicks bootys but face only ok, and I was wondering if their is hope that an asian girl could have a booty.

And if u have a link to a pic that would be cool.
yea in dreams well im going to sleep
How come Asian couples don't like big booty girls?
I was about to have a swing party with asian couples, but when I told them that my girl had a big booty, they uninvited me. What's up with that?
big butts are fat and jiggly. black men like that but Asian guys like petite girls.
Are the majority of Asian females flat in the booty area?
I mean I think asian women are are extremely pretty. Correction: Gorgeous, but all the ones I see here in Massachusetts are lacking the round shape in the back. To me it looks masculine when any female has a flat behind. I just see asians like this ALOT more often. The ones with the curve back there are extremely rare. I swear they could take over the world if they were thicker.

Asians are generally very thin, and when they do gain weight, is it not in the right places. They tend not to have nice, round butts. Sorry!
What comes in mind when an asian girl can shake her booty like a pro?
Is it a turn for guys?
It must be a dream.
What's up with booty deficiency in Asian women?
Is there a biological explanation for this? Is it in their genes or something?
Yes, there is a biological explanation for it! It is in the genes! Different cultures view different body types as pleasing, aesthetic or attractive. Most Asian men like petite women who are highly intelligent. Asians as an ethnicity are genetically more intelligent than every other ethnicity while being somewhat physically inferior. Meanwhile, people of African descent score the lowest on standardized IQ testing and SAT testing than any other ethnicity, but are physically superior in the areas of muscle movement that requires twitch muscle fibers.

We're all different in our own unique way and each of our gene pools vary slightly enough for us to allow specialists within the human race.
Is it possible for a asian girl to get a big booty?
Not to sound all perverted but i seen blacks, whites, hispanics get big butts, but when it cause to asians they don't grow?
yeah. i'm asian and i have one. at least people say so. you should go out more because plenty of south east asians and even east asians have them.
Generally speaking do you think white men and east asian men choose breast over booty?
But latino men (of all races) and black men choose booty over breast.
Have you ever seen an Asian woman with a bubble booty?
I'm talking Chinese, Japanese or Korean.
hmmmm No but there are!
definitely there ARE !
ASIAN BOOTY how to get it?
chinese japanese what city has the most young fresh asian girls
I met my girlfriend the easy way.
I use dating agencies. That way its easy to promote yourself strictly to asian females who are interested in dating interracially.

As far as cities go, New york city. Every 5th face is asian.
(not really but there are alot)
What does the Asian guy in the movie Booty Call (1997) say...?
What does that Asian guy(I think) at the restaurant tell Rushon (Jamie Foxx) in a Foreign Language? Can you please write what he tells him and what Rushon (Jamie Foxx) says back to him..?
[Lysterine does not approve of the man smoking in the Chinese Restaurant]
Bunz: I'll take care of this.
[walks to man's table]
Bunz: [in Chinese] Excuse me, Sir. If you don't put out the smoke, my boy and I won't be getting any *** tonight.
Ug Lee: [in Chinese] Oh? No problem.
[puts out smoke]
Bunz: [in Chinese] You're the man!
[walks back to their table]
Bunz: [smiling] Heh heh... I guess you thought I was just some common ol' hoodrat, huh?
Lysterine: [in Chinese] Oh I still do.

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