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Why are most goth boys gay,how can u tell if they are gay, and what type of girl does a Straight goth boy like?
i like goth boys, but i just found out most of them are gay. how do u spot a straight or gay goth boy.what type of girl do straight goth boy like in a girl. why are most of the goth boys gay?
I wouldn't say most goth boys are gay.

You can tell if they're gay if they had sex with another man and enjoyed it. Or if you asked.
Other than that, there's no sure way of figuring out someone's orientation just by...observing them.

I'm sure all goth boys have different preferences; you can't lump them all into one category and say they all like this or they all like that.

Why would a goth boy be gay? He's born that way.
Why do people seem to accept gay girls better than gay boys?
Or so it seems here where I am in Southern California.

I'm the opposite of a flamboyant, girly boy gay. friend is homophobic to the extreme and I hadn't even noticed, because sometimes I forget I'm gay.

I dress like a boy, and act like a boy, and my friend Tim acts like a girl and kinda dresses girly, and people have no problem with me but some of them don't like him

Why is that?
some people are uncomfortable with the thought of ramming man meat into another man's derriere, and that's what i can get out of it. plus the bible has been totally twisted and truth completely torn about gay relationships, and that is the scripture many base their life and beliefs on. even in my small mountain town in Cali a majority of the county is anti-gay.
How come straight boys want anal from girls but think gay guys are gross?
It confuses me about how a boy can talk trash about gay boys but then wants you to bend over and take it in the booty?

Why are guys like that?
Well, the main reason here is because there is no group that guys like to hate more than homosexuals. I think that guys like to hate on homosexuals because it makes them feel more manly, and it makes them feel like they're defending their manhood. I really hope all this hate goes away someday.
Movie cant remember the title about young boys discovering they are gay?
Its set in the country a new family moves next door. They have a son and the family next door has a son. One of the boys is very farmish works with his hands and stuff drives the bus for the school and his next door neighbor hops on. The other boy is very shy he dad is abusive to him from what i gather the father molested the son. He seeks refuge with his next door neighbor they become close and fool around. In the end the boys and some other boys go on a camping trip. In the end the shy gay boy dies and the other boys is deeply upset.
lol its called Dreamboy watched it the other night :P
Should the age of consent for gay boys be reduced to 14?
I know of a lot of gay people who think it should be 14 as they want to get hold of young boys.. so what does the public have to say about this? is this the age at which any lower and the gay men would be considered a paedophile?
Ofourse not - for the reasons you've stated. Any 'gay adult male' over the age of 18 should be 'prosecuted' for involving themselves with boys under their age of 18 - no exceptions. These new 'gay demands' are getting out of control - next they will want the age of consent lowered to the age of 10.

What young boys do when with other 'young boys' is up to them - but not with an adult (over 18 male) that is a paedophiles action.
How come there are no feminine black boys ? Only feminine white boys, Chris Crocker, Gay God etc. lol?
On youtube so many white feminine boys but no black boys. I never even seen a black gay boy doing a blog.
Oh no no no, there are many fem gay black boys on youtube.

My favorite is

How do I find bi or gay boys in my school?
I am bi. 14 male in 9th grade. I go to a public high school in virginia near was. d.c. Boys in my school are either straight or act like they are straight. How do I find other bi and gay boys in my school without people knowing i am bi?
I have a similar problem, I am 15 in the 10th grade. I am gay and there are only like 5 other gay guys at my school and I don't really have attractions to any of them, there is one who kind of puzzles me though, he's my main crush, like he dresses and wears things that I would think only a gay guy would wear, but idk, hes SUPER CUTE though.
But i would suggest making a petition, or whatever you call it, for your school to form a Gay Straight Alliance(GSA) club, if you don't want to be open about it, make it anonymous. It would help you and other people who are bisexual or gay meet people and increase awareness about diversity. That way you could safely meet somebody at those, and if they're straight, they are at a GSA so they wouldn't explode and freak out if you started hitting, they would be the kind to just tell you that they are straight. My school has one of these clubs. So talk to the principal or counselor about orgainizing a Gay Straight Alliance.
Where i get chinese or thai gay boys in chennai?
I am eager to suck and lick teen chinese or thai gay boys, where can i get them in chennai or in tamilnadu, anybody knows pls reply me.…

be safe when you play!
HOW is Harry Potter a story about a gay boys struggle through life?
My friends English teacher said that Harry Potter was, in fact, a tale about a boys struggle through his gay life.
Please enlighten me on this topic
I've heard this a bunch, too. I've never really looked into it much though. I've always just dismissed it, because it's so obviously not true.
Dumbledore is gay. But I'm sure you already knew that.
Your teacher is a moron.

I just looked it up, though. This is what I got...

"Who is the most famous gay man in Britain – Will Young, Elton John or Peter Mandelson? No, no, and no. It is somebody else altogether – an international mega-star who is in every British home, even those belonging to the most middling of Middle England Mail-readers. Here are some clues: he lives in a closet. Literally. He hangs out in King’s Cross looking for like-minded people. He wears long flowing purple gowns and waves wands. His best friends are a ginger geek, a female swot and a leather clad geriatric who haunts dusty alleys. There is a strange force in his life he can’t control. It grips him in adolescence and devours his whole being. Oh, and he likes to feel wood between his legs.

Harry Potter is gay. The discovery was made when the US cultural critic Michael Bronski explained in the Boston Phoenix, “So much of the basic Potter plot is identical to the traditional coming-out story: Harry's differentness makes him an outcast in his own family. He is physically, emotionally, and mentally mistreated by the Dursleys [his aunt and uncle]. Their cruelty is calculated and dangerous – he is, in essence, repeatedly queer-bashed by them. And as in so many coming-out stories, Harry is confused by his secret desires.”

The novels are about a secret world. The wizards and witches know they are different, and that they must hide their difference from the grey (straight) world. The similarities between, say, Parcel-tongue (which enables Harry to speak to snakes) and gaydar are striking. The secret world of magic is just as clearly parallel with the old gay world of secret clubs and public toilets – which, alas, most of the world’s gay men still inhabit. Bronski argues that this is becoming more and more blatant as the novels progress: “In the newly released Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, Rowling seems to play more openly with a gay reading of the books. During an argument with Harry, the obnoxious Dudley mentions that his cousin spoke in his sleep about someone named Cedric, lashing out, "Who's Cedric – your boyfriend?" And in the ensuing argument, Dudley seems to have a homosexual panic attack when Harry takes out his wand: "Don't point that thing at me," he says repeatedly.”

He even believes that Harry’s wand is – not to put too fine a point on it – becoming more and more like a cock as he gets older and more sexualised. His wand used to produce only “vapour and smoke” but by the most recent novel it is producing solid substances - a Patronus stag, in fact. A house owl scolds Harry by warning him to put his wand back in his pants. JK Rowling has, according to the Daily Mirror, denied that Harry is batting for the other Quidditch team, and said she finds this reading of her novels “astonishing”. Oh, come, come, JK. Look at your enemies, and realise who your friends are."

What the hell? While I can see where they're coming from (kind of) now that they point things out, I still think it's ridiculous. They're just trying to find another problem with something popular. It's only because they can :D
Why do people relate feminine boys to gay?
Like boys who have long hair, soft voice, wear flashy and colorful stuff when people see them scream, dance or act like girls they assume that they are gay.

How does this have to do with being gay? Being feminie may be caused by totally different stuff the manliest men can be gay and feminie boys can also be straight.
I think, originally, when a man was like that in nature back in the days being gay was wrong - this is how they were identified.

This stereotype of being gay was enforced by the fact that being gay was "rebellious", and so if you came out you had to come out in a specific way.

However, now that society is a bit more open minded (notice I only said "bit") this stereotype doesn't need to define who you are - and I know lots of lovely people who are gay but do not live the stereotypical lifestyle anymore.

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