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Can I get a bra and panties online without my parents knowing?
I want to buy some online at JC pennies and pick them up at the store, Would they send anything at all to my house? Is there any other stores that sell bras, panties, or thongs that I can pick up in store and order online. I'm a gay 18yo boy and I like to cross-dress and I just want to know the best way to get a bra and thong.
just go to victoria's secret and tell them your looking for some for your girlfriend :) good luck
What is the purpose of wearing matching bra & panties if no one is seeing them anyway?
Me & my wife are split up & she went out wearing matching bra & panties I asked her if she was trying to pick up someone she said no she claims all women wear matching undies
Yes we do. Undies are not just for mens gratification, we like to feel nice for ourselves.
Should you ever send a guy a picture of you in a bikini or bra & panties?
Okay so I am texting this guy and he asked me randomly if I could send him a pic of me in a bikini or bra or panties? What does this mean? Should I do it?
NEVER! once it's out in cyberspace it's gone forever. anyone can see it. phone or computer. what if this guy sends your picture to all his guys friends? and they send it to all of their guy friends? and then someone sends it to their computer and it gets all over facebook and people print it out and.. you never know.
Would you have your boyfriend/husband wear a bra, panties and pantyhose?
If you caught your boyfriend or husband wearing a bra, panties and pantyhose at home, would you make him wear them all day under his clothes? Would you be mad? Or supportive in experimenting with him wearing these things? How would you support and experiment??
Wouldn't bother me a bit, in fact I would buy any girlie things he wanted!
Why do some women never wear bra or panties inside their clothes?
I noticed some women in public never wear bra or panties inside their clothes. What's wrong with them?
1. makes them feel sexy , lol
2. laziness
3.they feel they don't need too

I am embarrassed to even think of people doing this. My mom never wears bras, she says she hates them, I can't stand it!
Are there any websites of pictures of women in their bra and panties underwear?
Are there any websites of pictures of women in their bra and panties underwear?

Not looking for porn or models. Just regular women in plain underwear. Nothing exotic.

You'd think there be a site like that but I've googled like crazy for years.
why not go to victorias secret or fredericks of hollywood they both should have plenty of pictures for you. Either that or search yahoo groups, because I am sure someone shares your interests
For girls, does it feel like walking around in your bra and panties when you wear a bikini?
Do you get embarrassed? Whats the difference between a bikini and bra and panties really?
I haven't worn a bikini in quite some time! I'm not as young as I used to be. The last time I did though, it was a little embarrassing. What was embarrassing seeing older fat guys stare at me. They would act like they were not starring but you could tell they were. I guess it was kinda grossing me out.

When I was younger, wearing a bikini was not a problem. I was however worried that someone would see me in my underclothes. Growing up I always wore briefs. My family didn't always have money for fancy clothes. Some were actually hand me downs. Many of my female peers wore skimpier underwear. I was always afraid they would see me, or a guy, in my granny panties. When I saved up enough money I bought my first bikini. I was so happy and excited to wear it. I wore it practically until it fell apart. So way back then wearing a bikini didn't bother me but being in my under clothes did.

As I got older things have changed. I'm now in my forties. At this age we have to deal more with our weight. Our looks are not always the best. And finally, we had guys to deal with. Now it seems like, I am always paranoid when I do not have stuff covered. I don't think I could even stand to wear a bikini or let alone prance around in my undies.
Is there any other sport similar to beach volleyball in which women play wearing bra and panties?
Is there any other sport similar to beach volleyball (except water sports like swimming, surfing etc) in which women play wearing bra and panties? And, is there any sport where women wear nothing?
Lingerie Football.
Do your bra and panties have to match?
I crossdress and have my ignorance to many issues. I was wondering if your bra and panties have to match?
They definitely do not have to. Especially if you're just bumming around the house or if no one is going to see them ;) It's sometimes really fun, and can make you feel very pretty and put together if they do. And they don't have to be a perfect match. Sometimes if there's just a similar color in both, or if one's a neutral like black, white or nude and anything can match, that's just fine.
Why are girls shy when they are seen with bra and panties?
If they wear bikini and go to the beach in public, whats the difference being seen in bra and panties? It’s the same design and it covers the same private parts anyway.
There's a big different in what's accepted moral/social between men and women. It took years and many changes before the modern day bikini was accepted. Just look at women from the 1920's wearing a bathing suit. So glad I wasn't born in that era.

Bikini's may cover the same areas but the material is different and one has a stigma linked to it. It's for the most part okay for a women to wear a bikini but it's slutty to show off your undergarment to just anyone. I know some guys get aroused by seeing either of them and I know guys who hate their wife/girlfriend wearing a bikini because they see both as sexual and/or worry about other guys looking at their partner in a sexual way. The sad part is that in some countries, a girl can go topless and not be treated like a sex object but in the US, guys can't do the same even when she's got them covered.

Undergarments are also attached to the ideal of being sexual/sensual (silk, lace, g-strings,garters, etc.) and are often link to sex which also makes it morally wrong to show them off to just anyone even when they are plain white bras and grannie undies.

If a women is worried about it when she's with a long-term relationship, it's because of the poor self-imagine she has and the fear of judgment from her partner.

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