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Where can I find an actual website with free clip art? I am looking for an angry cartoon face for class board?
I typed in free clip art, but everything has a catch. I am not very computer/internet savvy and am anxious to find an angry cartoon face for a bulletin board. Please help!
Free clip art cartoon cows eating?
looking for cartoon cows eating to copy and past to flyer
Where can I find good free clip art on the web?
I keep finding crappy cartoon-like clip art and so many sites to pay for clip art. Are there any free and of good quality?
yahoo search and pick the top with all the pics
What are some good sites for free clip art for simple drawings of animals?
I am designing a quilt for my grandson and need some simple drawings to help me design the squares for it. I especially would like animals, but any juvenille, cartoon-like drawings would be helpful. Thanks in advance!
Check the links below. If you need more, I searched for "coloring book" "clip art."
Im trying to find free clip art of a log sguyder for business card and cant, any ideas?
i just need a small image and it could even be just a cartoon drawing.
You can drag your mouse over the pic and save it to your computer. It will work!! There are a few pics of log sguyders here on this site.…
Where can i get free clip art of cleaning supplies, people or products im doing comm. cleaning and need help?
i really need some cool free clip art to incorporate in my flyers for commercial & residential cleaning need help with pictures of cleaning people,products, machines, utilities and anything else that may be of use. It can be real people or cartoon characters
microsoft online
Where can I find clip art that is free? I only need 2 images!?
Please help me find a site that offers FREE clip art. I'm looking for a cartoon dump truck. Thanks.
Type into a search engine, like Google or Yahoo, the words <clip art freeware> and hundreds of sites will show up.
Looking for some free adult clip art/pictues/cartoons.?
like some of those that I've seen on craigslist........

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