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What is the name of the product that had a little girls panties pulled by puppy a behind her?
i remember the little girl looking shocked and there was a bath tub in the background.
I could not find the bath tub scene- but its coppertone.... Is this the picture you were thinking of?…
Everytime me & my boyfriend have sex he always wants me to wear little girl panties & for me?
to wear my hair in pigtails. Do you think that this is wierd.
Well since you said eveytime than yes it's very odd. I wouldn't do it anymore if I were you and see how he reacts. Sounds like a school girl fantasy gone awry.
If a girl in a skirt is sitting with her legs wide open and you can see her panties so its ridiculous do what?
The other day I was at a restaurant and this young girl, who must have ONLY been in high school, was sitting a few feet away from me in a short jean skirt and with her legs like 6 inches apart! Anyone could see her PINK PANTIES and just wanted walk up to her and be like "girl I'm going to make sure your mom will find out about how you act in public places!" I was so MAD!! Uh! I'm even mad now! Not only did the stupid girl embarrasss herself (unknowingly though, because it didn't look like she was sitting like that on purpose) but she also embarrassed every other woman that saw her like that! I didn't do anything and just ignored her, but man, I wanted to do something about her! What would you other girls have done in my place? Would you have been like "Girl, close your legs, no one wants to see your little girl panties!" That would have been mean but it would have embarrassed her to act right. Or would you have just ignored her?
If it was really buggin' me I might have quietly informed her of what she was showing.

Personally I don't let that stuff bother me. Some girls will show their stuff and most won't. Some guys need a little kick in the pants too when it comes to fashion No, No's but you don't see anybody stepping up there.
Mom made me wear girl panties as punishment!?
mom made me wear my sister panties because i didnt have any clean boxers becuase i never pick my clothes off the floor and put them in the hamper, now she said i can just wear little girls panties till i can learn to pick up my clothes off the floor and all my boxers are clean, this is embarrassing they are really pink frilly and girly, do u think this is a fair punishment? what should i do?
um i think thats pretty much fair..
except to your sister of course.
you should learn how to pick up your clothes and learn how to do laundry for yourself.
maybe thats a BIT extreme...but maybe its a lesson you SERIOUSLY needed to learn..
Help I ripped off a pair of little girl's panties?
at Target. I don't know why. I don't even have a a guy. I just pulled them off the hanger and stuck them in my pocket. What should I do
i think dateline will b waiting 4 u when u get home
I HAVE A LITTLE GIRL WHO WILL BE 3 IN March and i tried tell her i give piece candy if she uses potty also triied set timer for her me take her every hour from the time she gets up and also let her wear big girl panties.please help what did u do or try
My parents potty trained me by rewarding me with candy every time i went.
Potty Training my little girl.?
I am having trouble getting my little girl to potty train. She is 3 1/2 years old, can use the potty, but will only use it when it suits her. I have tried everything from bribery, to letting her wear big girl panties, to begging her, and nothing has worked. She just will not give in and use the potty all of the time. Help!
Do not push it.Do not bribe or beg her.She will when she IS READY!!! Just be patient with her be positive.Use a sticker chart for each time she goes and reward her (PRAISE HER EVERY TIME!!) Also do not punish her!!
We've been putting panties on our little girl to help her with potty training, now she has a rash?
we bought some toddler panties from walmart and some from babygap a few weeks ago. my guy uses the potty but still has some accidents, so we alternate between panties and diapers.
she has developed a rash on her bottom recently. its not like a 'diaper rash' its only on her buttcheeks in her seat area. could she be allergic to the underwear?
also, she has had some minor baby eczema in the past and has had a few spots come up on her chest and ribcage area. just maybe 3 quarter size spots, not many. it looks similar to the rash on her bottom but i'm no expert. however the rash on her bottom is more contained and symmetrical than the rash on her body, which is spread out randomly.
what could all this be? we are taking her to the doctor this afternoon but i was just wondering what you guys think it might be and what we can do.
ive heard of latex allergy before, but if that was the case wouldnt the rash on her bottom just show up around the waistline where the elastic in her panties is? i just want to help her and i dont want this to hinder her potty training.
Definitely let her air out as much as possible. Wipe the area down with a wet wash cloth or paper towel each time you take her potty. I would also avoid switching back and forth between panties and diapers too. This can in some cases bring about a rash.

If you can let her go a few days without any bottoms on try that. If the rash clears up then resume using panties. This will be a way to tell the Dr if you believe it is the panties doing it.

As long as she is not complaining about it hurting I would try to doctor it at home. Use some rash cream after letting her air out too.
Does any one have any idea of why Jon Mark Carr told the u.s that he killed that little girl? is he gulity?
i dont understand why any type of person owuld do something like this unless he was crazy!!! maybe hewants us to think that becasue the news said he was already charged with guy pornograpghy. i think he is a SICK man and he either made it up for attention or he really thinks he did it. does anyone think he is innocent or do you think he really killed her? they sad that his DNA didnt match the one found in the girls panties. what do you think?
i would punch that wuss if we were to dine out

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