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How do i get a girl to kiss me in the movies?
I'm going to the movies with this girl and i want her to be my first kiss. Should i ask her for permissionor just lean in and do it? But I don't want to make it awkward.
i would save it for after the movies, just try to get into a conversation and look her in the eyes while you do it, try to talk a little bit sensually, if shes looking in your eyes start moving in just enough to the point if she doesnt want it that you can back off, but if she kinda moves in after you do then go for it, if shes going to a movie with you i would say your chances are already really good so dont be nervous
How to kiss a girl at the movies?
I'm taking a girl to the movies tomorrow and I was wondering how I should get her attention for a kiss. I don't know if shes expecting a kiss so I don't really know how to go about it. Maybe a kiss on the cheek first? I'm only a freshman in high school and never really hooked up in a movie theater before.
Where I am come from, when are taking a woman for watching theater, you need to make sure you always open the door for her and you always making payment for everything. You do not let her pay or you may seem not like a man who provides. All woman want a man treat them good, and if you not able to make them feel special then they will find a man who does. These days on TV you see all the american with their western culture and the rappers and everybody, they all treat woman like objects. You need to establish your dominance and show her from the beginning that you are a man of means, and you are a man who knows what he wants.

When you are taking her in to the theater, hold her hand. When you take hand, you smile at her with confidence. You cannot be shy, and best way for getting attention to get a kiss is to make the opportunity come. Look her in the face and tell her "I always enjoy being with you, and you make my evening so fun" Then you give her kiss. You do it on the lips, to show that you want to be her lover.

If you are afraid to give her the kiss, then how do you make love?
What is the best movie out now so i can kiss this girl in movies? besides Charlie ST. Cloud?
OK so me and this girl went on our 1st date and saw Charlie St. Cloud & she wanted me kiss her by saying "she doesn't make the first move" but i didn't take the hint and didn't get the kiss. And were going on our 2nd date soon.So i wanted to get the chance to kiss her in the movie
Your first kiss shouldn't be in the dark. As a girl, I like to see the guy I'm kissing especially if it is the first time. It's too dark in a movie theatre unless you have been dating for some time. But if that is what you want to do, the only romantic movies I can think of that are out in theatres now are Knight and Day or Kites. They're both good. Knight and Day is a romantic comedy and Kites is a love story with all kinds of twists and turns.
Anyway good luck and hope it works out.
How to kiss a girl at the movies?
This girl really likes me.ALOT. I like her too.But I want to kiss her to make her the happiest girl.So which movie should i take her to, and how should i kiss her? MOvies: Mirrors, The Rocker, Tropic Thunder,Step Brothers, Mummy 3?(Which one will she feel right on kissing me?
mirrors, i think it's best. he brought me a mirrors movie, and i actually kiss him. =P
How to kiss a girl in the movies for the first time ?
I need help! I have a day to night and I have be dating this girl for 3
months and found out that she loves me and I love her. So I want to kiss her but I never kissed anyone and she didn't either. So I want to know if there is a correct way to do it and when I should do it during the movie? HELP!!!!!!!
Aww, this is really sweet :)
Kissing during a movie is easy.
Start off with holding her hand and cuddling and stuff
Then later on during the movie, look at her until she looks back at you.
Look into her eyes then lean in for the kiss and sha-bam! Your first kiss!

Good luck, you'll be fine :)
How to get my first kiss from a girl at the movies.?
So me and my friend knew each other for a while and only a few days ago we started going out. Tomorrow we're going to the movies, and i want to kiss her. We've already held hands and I intend on holding her hand at the movie theater I want to know if and when I should kiss her. Please help this girl is really special.
The first time I went out with a guy he told me he really wanted to kiss me. I giggled and told him to. We were both nervous but it was such a relief know he was just going to do it. So yeah kiss her.
How to kiss a girl in the movies?
Well me and my gf have been planning to kiss and i want to do it in the movies. How would i like make my move? just wait til she looks at me and kiss her or say something and kiss her?

you know the one were u yawn and then put your arm roud her, then u just say "you've got a peice of popcorn in your hair" take it out then go in for the kill

nice one mate, good luck
When do you kiss a girl during a date at the movies?
Ok, so first date and me and this girl really like each other. At what point during the movie do you kiss the girl?
When the word 'obtain' is said for the 37th time in the film. Then, and then only, will the time be right.
When is the best time to kiss a girl in the movies?
were seeing that movie where the football players go to cheerleading camp or something. it was her choice but idk when to kiss. i dont mind if you spoil the movie cuz i dont want to see it. but when is the best time?
the middle or the end... the middle because you can kiss longer if u both want and the end because like if your about to get up you can kiss her and say you had a nice time... but you should do it when she isnt payin attention... like say her name and then when she looks at you kiss her and say you have wanted to do that for awhile and you hope she doesnt mind
How do I kiss a girl for the first time at the movies?
Next week im going in my first date with a girl who told me she loves me, and she knows i love her to, im going to take her to the movies, and half way through, i want to kiss her, but im not sure how, because its my first kiss. Im 14 so will it be any different, and also, how do i know if she wants me to kiss her?
Please, take it from me that girls find it weird if a guy wants to kiss her on their first date. Start slow.

1st date- talk about more personal stuff (future dreams, how you feel about each other etc)
2nd date- hold hands briefly on the way out
3rd date- tell her you love her and hold hands more
4th date- arm around the shoulder
5th date- hugging
6-whenever your comfrotable- kiss on the cheek
after that- kiss

If you follow this, it'll keep the girl looking forward to a new aspect of you relationship, plus the girl won't think that your only into her physically.

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