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When street fighting, How come Black and Asian guys are more hardcore (violent) and tougher than White guys?
Why would White guys be more likely to backdown in a fight?
Why would White guys be more scared to be really violent?
the answer has nothing to do with race, it has to do with income. depending on your income level, there will be more or less police in the area where you live. if you live in a poorer area, there is bound to be more violence, more violence means you have a more vested interest in learning how to protect yourself, as well as more experience in protecting yourself.

people in richer areas enjoy a lower violence rate and typically more police. which means they don't have to protect themselves as much. due to a strong tradition of institutional racism in this country, blacks occupy more of the lower economic sector than whites. asians not as much. but you obviously haven't met much white trash. white trash knows how to throw down.
Will I get into a good college if I'm not one of those really smart Asians?
I get decent grades (mostly A's, some B's), play tennis (but I'm not really on the "real" team; it's like a team below JV), and I participate in clubs, but is that enough? Since I'm Asian, I'm going to be compared to the guys who are beastly at school and play hardcore tennis and whatnot. Would the good colleges even consider me since there's so many more "qualified" Asians? I really want to get into a really good college like UPenn.
Oh yeah! You can totally get into a good college. I've been going on a lot of college tours lately, and they're really not that comparative of the races. (I wanted to know too, because my school is full of the really really smart asians!) They look at grades... yours are fine...but they also look at things about you, like that you play tennis. The whole thing colleges look for is diversity. I scuba dive, so I'm going to put that on my resume. And colleges will like something cool like that. So if you do any thing like that, be sure to include it in the application, or personal statement, and colleges absolutely love guys who volunteer, so if you could find somewhere that you like to volunteer, colleges would consider that the equivalent to those really smart guy's grades. Cuz those really smart guys probably don't volunteer anywhere... or at least my school's guys don't. (unless it's mandatory for a club). Anyway, I wouldn't worry about it. I'm sure you'll be able to get into UPenn.
How do I tell my parents I'm dating....?
Well, I come from a Korean family and my girlfriend is Mexican. She's not bad and happens to be the best person in my life I've ever known. I've known her as a person and not as a member of a race. She is who her personality is just as I am not Korean but her boyfriend instead.

My parents, while accepting of other races than other hardcore Asians, might not take this too well?

How do I break it to them?
It's YOU -- not your family -- who are dating the girl. How is it your family's business?

Do not break it to everyone in your family at the same time. Let's say your dad and your siblings are more open-minded than your mom is. So talk to your dad and your siblings first, and get their support first. Then, when they are already on your side, break the news to your your less-understanding mom in front of everyone else in your family. Your mom may start a drama, but by then everyone else will support you over your mom, and she will not have too much say in this matter.

i.e., Use family politics to your advantage.

I am Asian, and that was what I did. My dad was cool with me with a white girlfriend. When I told my mom over the dinner table in front of my dad, my mom could whine and complain, (the same mom who was ecstatic when my sister brought home a white guy,) but it was a done deal by then because my dad had already told me he would take care of mom on this matter. Finally my dad told my mom to shut up and stop being a racist. And that was it.

My mom tried to call me and talk me out of it, but I basically told her it was not her business nor her decision to make, and I was doing her a favor by telling her whom I was dating and possibly going to marry. If she did not like it, then she could stay out of it because I did not need a racist and negativity in my life. You will have to be a man and stand up for yourself, your life and you decision.
Why are Asians least susceptible to AIDS/HIV?
Statistics show that Asians are less susceptible to AIDS/HIV. Why is that so?

Could it be that sex is such a taboo subject for most Asian families that Asians grow up to view it as something sacred; therefore, resulting in fewer sexual partners than other races?

And maybe most Asians are educated, protection is used a lot more?

Also is it because a majority of Asians are less into hardcore drugs requiring the use of needles such as heroine or cocaine.

What are your inputs on this? Feel free to share personal experiences if you feel comfortable. =)

Take care!
Repost due to anti dissident censorship by Yahoo.

The reason why Asian Americans don't get 'AIDS' is 'AIDS' in America is a mirror of poverty in America. The three poorest States have the three highest 'AIDS' figures.

As Asian Americans have the highest average standard of living poverty is not an issue and Crack, Speed, Molds, Parasites and poor nutrition do not cause them immune suppression.

• Of 53,903 Filipino prostitutes tested between 1985 and 1992, 72 (0.13 per cent) were found positive

• Philippines

Population: - 86,241,697 as of July 2004
Population Growth: - 1.88% (well under most countries in Africa)

Death rate 5.53 per 1,000

Median age: - 22.1 years (Lots of young people)

HIV/AIDS - adult prevalence rate: - Less than 0.1%

HIV/AIDS deaths: - Less than 500



he U.S. Army study of 1.1 million G.I.'s who were stationed in the Phillipines (over a ten year period) and kept 100,000 prostitutes in business (70% were said to be HIV positive.

The study showed only ONE was HIV positive and not sick.This was the only case of mass HIV testing in the World.

Condoms in the Phillipines are of such poor quality that only 8% can even hold water.


There are 400,000 to 500,000 prostituted persons in the Philippines.

Prostituted persons are mainly adult women, but there are also male, transvestite and guy prostitutes, both girls and boys. (International
Labor Organization. Dario Agnote, "Sex trade key part of S.E. Asian economies, study says," Kyodo News, 18 August 1998)

In the Philippines, a recent study showed there are about 75,000 guyren, who were forced into prostitution due to poverty. (Dario Agnote, "Sex
trade key part of S.E. Asian economies, study says," Kyodo News, 18 August 1998)

There are 400,000 women in prostitution in 1998, excluding unregistered, seasonal prostitutes, overseas entertainers and victims of external trafficking. One fourth of them are guyren and each year 3,266 more guyren are forced into the sex industry. (GABRIELA, Diana Mendoza, "RP
Has 400,000 Prostitutes," TODAY, 25 February 1998)

Military prostitution, it added, has always been a problem in the past when the US bases were still in the country. Past experience clearly showed that the security of the Filipino people, especially women and guyren, from the US military was never taken into account.
("Ex-streetwalkers fight VFA: Form advocacy groups in urban centers," The
Philippine Journal, 18 September 1998)


Subsequently, the U.S. built 23 military installations covering a total area of more than 240,000 hectares ofland (2,400 sq.km.) by the time of the signing of the Military Bases Agreement in 1947. At its peak the bases
occupied nearly 1% of the country's total land area not to mention 11,000 hectares of territorial waters and a large swath of air space.


"Why don't Filipinos want US troops in the Philippines?

There is a long history of US military intervention in the Philippines from the Philippine-American War (1899-1916) in which the US colonized the
Philippines. Filipinos resisted and one-eighth of the Filipino people were killed. Even though the Philippines officially became independent from the US in 1946, the US ensured control of the US military bases in the Philippines and access to Philippine natural resources.

The US military bases were finally kicked out in 1991 after mass protest from the Filipino people who were tired of special protected status for US
soldiers, toxic wastes (that until today, the US refuses to clean up), the prostitution of Filipinas, and the spread of alcoholism and drug use.
Filipinos don't want these again. "
Are there any screamo/hardcore Asian bands you could recommend?
I'm looking for something along the lines of Dir en Grey, Tosinn, Maximum The Hormone, etc. Basically visual kei music and stuff like that. xD

Kthnxbaiiii. :D
The GazettE
exist trace (one of my favs; they're all girls}
Suicide Ali




Why most Asian Americans don't list their asian interests on their facebook?
A lot of them are hardcore Asian entertainment fans, but most of them only list things that are western or familiar to most Americans.

For example, I have a friend that is crazy about Chinese entertainment. If you asked her what her favorite actor or singer, she'll give you a list of Chinese celebrities. Yet on her facebook under interest, it's all American/Western entertainment.

Why so embarassed?
I don't know, I'm asian american and I list them....
Does any1 have good recommendations for Asian horror movies? Only hardcore horror fans answer. I'm sick of
peeps saying the Exorcist and Halloween are scary movies, those are not scary at all, I have been discovering that the Asians have opened my eyes to things I never knew they could do on film and those films although at 1st boring and take forever to get to a pt..when they do, are truly horrifying and disturbing. Is there any other genres that some1 recommends that I haven't been exposed to or other Asian movies I can find that are hardcore? I am open to discovering new horror and my biggest love are vampires, and I have seen it all, looking for new 1's. Love a lot of the 80's movies
(Some of the movies I have seen)
Tale of Two Sisters, Tomie, The Audition, Dracula, Van Helsing, The Ghost, Old Boy, Koma, Vampires, Blade, Infection, Acacia, Vampire Journals, The Lost Boys, To Die For (Bram Stokers), Twins Effect, Near Dark, Dark Prince, Blood & Donuts, The Night Stalker , Salem's Lot, She hunts by Night, Fright Night
Innocent Blood, Interview With the Vampire , Embrace of the Vampire
...this 'hardcore Asian horror fan' has a hardcore Asian horror film suggestion, if you are willing to brave the venture...

Have you tried, of even heard of the "Guinea Pig" series?

...relentless, in-your-face, blood-curdling horror galore, with some of the most eclectic and bizarre characters set to celluloid....and graphic visuals and gore strong enough to make the bile rise to the surface...

The series includes:

1). "The Devil's Experiment"
2). "Flower of Flesh and Blood"
3). "He Never Dies"
4). "Mermaid in a Manhole"
5). "Androids of Notre Dame"
6). "Devil Woman Doctor"

...even more compelling, is the back story behind the making, and distribution of these films, involving several bannings in Japan, due to numerous documented copycat serial killers, who reportedly emulated several of the violent and monstrous acts in the films; there was also an incident involving actor Charlie Sheen, who reportedly checked out the films, and raised an unprecedented rally to prevent US distribution of the films, as he thought that they were genuine 'snuff' films!!! (Note: the film series HAS since been released on DVD in the US, under the 'Unearthed Films' label.)

I could go on and on about the eclectic and infamous history, regarding the "Guinea Pig" film series, but for the full detailed story, fell free to check out the attached webpage.

...for hardcore Asian horror, I really don't think you can possibly beat this!!! Trust Me!!!
Asian girl thinking of going hardcore butch... what do u other lesbians (pref. femmes) think?
im a 20 y.o. lesbian and i really really want to go butch... its kind of weird because i'm an asian girl and you don't see too many butch asians but the whole thing just feels "right" to me... does that make any sense? but yeah.. i guess i just wanna look like a guy, and thats the way it is

i've been thinking of taking the plunge today, i want to get a hardcore haircut, like a marine "high and tight" with bald shaved sides and a little bit of hair on top... what do u think?? im kinda curious what u femmes think of more hardcore butch girls.
A lesbian doesn't have to be femme to appreciate butch lesbians. Really butch lesbians are damn fine and sexy.
If I become the ping pong champion of the world...does that mean all the fine babes will start flocking to me?
Note: I am one hardcore Asian...so I think I'm supposed to be pretty damn good at table tennis.
I'm a hardcore Scotch-Irish, German, American Indian, and a touch of Italian. When does the flocking start?
Asian hardcore bands?
Does anyone know any Asian or European bands DO NOT SING IN ENGLISH? I don't really like pop that much, but I love hard rock or metalcore :] some bands i like in english are breaking benjamin, bring me the horizon, rise against, green day, etc. thanks!!! :D
maximun the hormone


The gazette




I'm just getting into Jrock so I'm not familiar with a lot of bands.

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