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What's that cartoon movie where the little asian girl in with her family then ends up in some weird world?
Like she is with monsters and they were suppose to go on vacation or something. It's a cartoon. It may have aired on cartoon network at some point?
I know that movie! It's Myazaki's Spirited Away. Great film! Probably wasn't on Cartoon Network because Disney translated it into english.
Who was that little Asian girl who played as Morgan. As Rudy's friend In The Cosby Show?
Episode 24 " Planning Parenthood "
Clair's sister decides she wants to be a mother. Cliff takes Rudy and her friends out to eat at a fancy restaurant--but it is nothing short of disaster, and they end up eating at a fast food restaurant, dressed in formal clothing.
Me Me.

(That's seriously her name.)
Why are there so many avatars that look like that little asian girl on The Grudge?
Is that person real and are they invading R&S?
What would you do if your parents adopted a little asian girl from china?
Would you be concerned? ashamed?? puzzled?? My parents just did that and I don't know what to do. I am thinking of moving out. I don't want to deal with this
ummmm, ur grown...move out...but then again your a troll.
so at 17 adoption is still an option? how old were you when the selected you?
Haunted by a little asian girl in dreams.?
I'm 14, don't drink or smoke, watch horror movies or anything like that. but recently i've been noticing an Asian little girl everywhere in my dreams? about maybe a month ago i started seeing her, she never talked to me, she would just walk past me like any regular person would. but recently i was dreaming a nice dream, strangely (i never have "good" dreams) I was in colorado, snowboarding, after i was finished i went back in the hotel, through the basement and there was a mechanical immitation of people working a farm? anyways i went upstairs and was about to go upstairs until i heard a nock on a hotel door? well i walked up to the door and before i could open it the little asian girl did, shes about 6 which i thought was weird. had her black hair tied behind her back in a ponytail wearing a "i love ♥ Dogs" shirt. she jumpep onto me and made a face like this and mumbled "you gonna gonna kill you..haha" after i threw her and woke up.
Ever watched the grudge?? This is just a reccuring dream- it will go away : )
Movie with a little asian girl and little white boy?
It's called like "Winter ____" something, lol.
& it involves a little asian girl with a little white boy
it should have came out like back in 2002 or 2001?
snow falling on cedars ?
Why are there so little Asian guy white girl couples portrayed in media?
There are some Asian guy White girl couples in major movies, like in the movie "Australia", and a bit more in Indie projects like this…
or this…
but all in all they seem to be portrayed even less than they occur in "real life".
Any idea why this is so?
Well, let's be honest. There's not many White men Asian female couples portrayed in the media either. There aren't many Asians portrayed in the media period. When they do have Asian women, it's usually weak sexual roles. However, it's not as bad as society makes it either.

Shanghai Kiss…

Mao's Last Dancer…

Dragon: Bruce Lee Story…

Harold and Kumar…

The Spy Next Door -…
It doesn't show in the trailer but if you watch it, they are shoving Jackie Chan's relationship witht he white lady down your throat !! He marries her in the end

The One - Jet Li's wife is white.…

What I think is funny is that some guy asked "how come I never see any Asian men with white women in the movies. I gave this answer, and he totally ignored me. I think that society likes to ignore these roles because it upsets them. When they see asian men with white women on and off screen, they don't admit that it's happening a lot. When women left and right on yahoo answers are talking about they love asian men, but hard to get asian men, people usually ignore that, but instead say white women don't want asian men. Right now there is an anti-asian men trend going on to say no asian girl date asian men, when most asian girl are with asian men and asian guys are being born left and right in america. They don't want to see that for some reason. In my city, there will be an asian festival this weekend, and the vast majority of couples are asian...but u still got retards who don't want to see that, and will say asian women only go for white men. I doesn't stop.
Moshpitting tips for a little asian girl like me?
well i'm gonna see soilwork on the 15th, and it's gonna be my first time going to a thrash metal show hehe.

any tips..? :D
Okay, what is your threshold for pain like. Getting into a moshpit is painful no matter what anyone says, some people just like to have a good ol fashioned throw down and punch, kick, throw elbows, whatever. I've been to concerts with girls who say they want to mosh, and they can dish it out but they can't take it. I'd never hit a chick, but if she doesn't want to get hurt, she needs to stay out of the mosh pit. If you're hard enough to take it, then you'll be fine. Good luck, dude.

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