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My first MMF 3 sum... What do I do?
In a bit of a dilemma I am having my first 3 sum on monday with two other men and I have no idea what I am going to do.
I have no 3 sum experience and plus only done anal twice and both times was hard to get it in so what will we do it that part.
If anyone has got any tips on what to do and how I can drive them both wild please please please let me know.
I suggest you try to please them as equally as you can. Try using KY jelly if they can't get it in. I have experience here if your interested contact me.
Question about porn......?
What websites are good for bisexual MMF, black girls and anal?

Copy and paste the following into your google search engine. I highly recommend the first 10 results.

"bisexual MMF, black girls and anal"

If you run exactly that into a google search engine the # of results will astound you.
Might This Be An Indicator That I have a porn addiction?
I can go for weeks/months without looking at porn and then one day all of a sudden will feel compelled to look at some. These urges are often fueled by thoughts of how long its been since I’ve viewed any. So even though I can do without porn for a while I have failed up until this point to remove it from my life. I have a pretty active sex life with a wonderful woman and can masturbate cleanly (without porn or sexual thoughts) so therefore see no reason that I should have to look at porn. My tastes have often gotten disturbingly more extreme over the years. Vanilla sex (male on female) doesn’t typically do it for me unless it has some sort of a theme to it or I watch few different scenes. Lesbian scenes no longer really do it for me unless they are more extreme. I have gotten more into male on female and female on male anal sex, bi-sexual porn (mmf, FFM, FFF,) and even some gay porn and have now leaned more toward medical fetishism and bondage/domination involving people of different genders and orientations. I consider myself straight and pretty vanilla in relationships, and don’t feel I would act on any of these things but the taboo aspect of them excites me to an extend and gets me off faster than watching one or more “traditional scenes” I thought about maybe getting some help but am surprisingly conservative for someone who would write a question like this with so much detail. I believe what goes on behind the bedroom door should stay there and wouldn’t feel comfortable sharing it with someone if my actual name were known. I’m also a well known and respected member of my local community and may run for office someday.

I am a devout Christian and have prayed for deliverance from this sort of behavior, but its almost as though its either a Non issue with God or he views me as a lost cause. Other than this bad habit I am an other wise good person who would do anything to help someone in need.
You don't seem to have an addiction, no.
If you were addicted, you would not be able to go for any period of time without it.
The fact that you can go for weeks or months without it, is telling me that you are definitely NOT addicted.
It is natural to find our taste in porn escalating towards the more outrageous as time goes by. This is just a human need for variety. Of course we're not going to watch the same type of thing over and over. How boring! We need to dip our toes into other waters.
I see that you want to improve your relationship with God by not engaging at all in pornography viewing. I wish I could help you in that regard. I'm struggling with an enormous amount of guilt over the same thing.
Just keep praying. God hears you. He has faith in the strength of your faith. That is why he has given you this burden. You are not a lost cause to God. He sees that you and I are both stronger than we think we are. Unfortunately, our bodies were created to feel sexual cravings and our cravings can be overwhelming most of the time.
What is the solution? Staying busy 24/7?
I have no doubt that you are a good person and a good Christian.
Girls: Does twice a month seem unresonable for this?
My girlfriend isn't a big fan of porn though she knows i have several DVD's in my underwear draw. She has never asked me to get rid of them or anything. I would like her to agree to allow me to watch them like once every two weeks when we are intimate. we are intimate probably five to six time every two weeks so it would only be a small portion of the time. Its standard porn, maybe a little FFM or MMF but otherwise straight stuff though with some anal(my favorite). What is the best way to ask her? Thanks.
Ask her what it is about porn she doesn't like. Be honest with her and tell her you like it and want to watch it your not being unreasonable you are trying to compromise. Not all girls like porn and a few girls may only like some porn and others like me will watch it all.
A question for people who consider themselves sexually experienced?
I was talking to someone the other day about sex, I mentioned that I like it pretty rough and she said she did too. Curious, I asked how rough she liked it. She said she likes to be tied up, but doesn't, you know, like pain.

I was a little surprised because when I think rough, even slightly rough, I think spanking and biting at the very least. Very rough is punching, asphyxiation and cutting. I know these are specific fetished but they all sort of fall under the "rough" category.

I have noticed that everyone seems to consider themselves experienced in sex, and when Ive asked for more detail Ive found that most people who say "Oh Ive done pretty much everything" have never tried s&m, role playing, anal etc.

So, my question for you is, do you consider yourself very experienced, and what things have you NOT done? I dont mean what things do you not like, but what things have you never tried. Also, mention any random, weird or exotic fetishes you've heard of! I'll go first...

I consider myself fairly experienced. I have never tried bodily fluid play (urine, feaces or vomit) because I find that pretty disgusting. I respect that some people like it, but its not for me. I have tried very rough (but not to the extreme), s&m in both roles but prefer masochism, do anal because my husband loves it but i rarely enjoy it, done foot play but neither of us actually had a foot fetish so it didnt really work, had FFM threesomes (but not interested in a MMF) tried all kinds of roleplay... there are a lot of exotic fetishes that I havent tried because Ive either felt no arousal or desire to try them or simply havent heard of them. There are a few I would like to try but dont have the equipment for. One fetish I find fascinating is when people are aroused by being suspended by hooks in their skin. Im fascinated by it, but not aroused by the idea so while I might like to see someone do it out of pure vuriosity, I dont think its for me.
I would say by your colorful descriptions, I am tamely experienced, at best. I have not tried farm animals, scat (fecal play), golden showers, swinging or threesomes, nor do I indulge in any real fetishes, to speak of. But even in my fairly limited context, I tend to sensually enjoy the women I'm with and lean toward more Tantric and holistic expressions of intimacy...and from there, plenty of avenues for adventurousness are possible. So, hats off to you, but there ain't no shame in my game, either.
Question about porn.....?
What websites are good for bisexual MMF, black girls and anal?

Just do a web search and go for blogs like Have a wonderful holiday!

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