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What clothes look best on blonde , light skined girls?
i'm dying my hair blonde to morrow and was jw what clothes look best on blonde girls .
my skin is very light btw
i love the nude clothing at the moment :)
thank you
you have the answer,nude clothing,with a clean shaven va"£"$£na.Ilove blondes,so sophisiicated.
Which do guys think is hotter on younger girls: BLONDE OR BRUNETTE?
i know this question is absolute war but i really want to go through a physical transformation & im considering getting my hair dyed...

FIRST OF ALL, just FYI im young, not looking for intellectual relationships, so don't tell me that brunettes are smarter cause i know and don't care.

basically, to give you guys a better idea of what i look like.... i am european and naturally fair skinned but i tan pretty easily; i have slightly layered thick, long brunette hair (and growing it out); i have big dark brown eyes and relatively light eyebrows (they're not thick or anything, so they would look natural with blonde hair); my face shape is also very versatile, i can wear nude lipgloss or red lipstick, dark cat eyes or light pink eyeshadow...

if i were to dye it, i would get a strawberry blonde honey shade, like this:

so basically, what it comes down to is blonde hair: hot or not?
Meh...brunette or blonde can look really, really good depending on who's wearing it. Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Fox, Anne Hathaway- gorgeous with brown hair. Christina Aguilera, Marilyn Monroe, Paris Hilton- stunning with blonde hair. The point is, both colors are great. Sometimes one will compliment you more. Brunette tends to make bolder statements (especially dark brown) but blonde can be flirty and fun. Whichever is your preference. Try them both out and eventually you'll find what suits you. (You could even try going red head, that's really gorgeous)
Looking for 1950's movie titled Nude in a white car,then retitled blonde on the beach?
this movie was in black and white.I saw it when I was a little girl in Florida at the drive-in the 1950's
You probably mean " Blonde in a White Car" (1958) British title; Night is Not for Sleep.
This was a french movie.
Good luck finding that one!
Which girl is prettier? the half nude burnette? or the flirty Blonde?
No REDHEADS in this one! i dont care if you think this is shallow.
just humour us and tell us which one is definately prettier despite their poses!




i aint either..i am the red head who doesnt have myspace! :)
As soon as the Blonde is flirty,(and flirty only) I think is the prettier by far.
Video of hot girl blonde?
i found this video called perfect pu##y a couple days ago and i want to find it again but i cant
can anyone tell me what website it was with these hints
the girl was the on at the top left if you search hot girls in google image search. im not possitive but she had a tattoo on her foot. she is a blonde and was by herself nude just waking up on a bed with what looked to be silk was beddings she had no toys. its a short 2 or 3 minute video with some closeupfo half of it.
well finding that video is a "riddle",and I imagine the "joke" was in your hand.
What is this song? (La-La-Laa.)?
I really like it.
It's sad sounding,

It was played on CSI when they found the body of a 17 year old blonde girl nude.

The song says "La-la la-la -la" the whole time.
The voice is young sounding and calm.
Figure out the title of the episode and you can find the songs on this site:
Would anyone like to trade nude pics with me?
im a very beautiful blonde hair girl. Im actually into women or couples
Youre an old hairy troll.
Please stop filling up our boards with this madness.
Get A New Hobby!
Why dont white girls turn me on at all, even naked ones?
Im a guy 20 born in pakistan, mothers english, fathers indian.

I live in england, im white colored.

I never found pakistani or indian girls attractive.

I had a few white girlfriends in the past but the sex was just dead. We tried everything, but in the end it didnt work. none of us enjoyed it.

It wasnt that I couldnt please them. It was coz they couldnt please me.

I just didnt get aroused to even a fully naked girl. We tried lots of foreplay for a few hours, finally i got a bit aroused, and we had a bit of sex, luckily i *** before i lost my erection again, but the orgasm was so weak, i had never felt anything like that.

Every girlfriend I had didnt understand what was going on.

I didnt my self. Till I had a few black girlfriends.

They did everything the same. only a few minutes foreplay was enough to get me ready. We enjoyed it for a few hours, and we both had mind blowing orgasms. I had the best in my life at that time.

Im a guy and I dont understand why skin color has something to do with my sexual arousal levels, and streght of my orgasms.

I was thinking i could get over it by trying to get used to white girls.

So I tried masturbating to white porn. I couldnt get an erection no matter how hard I tried. even like a few hours i wouldnt be able to get a full erection, enough to enjoy it. or be able to *** propperly.

I switched to black girls pictures.even if they arent nude, or even if they are they get me hard within a minute. and I can enjoy masturbating to it with full streght exciting orgasms.

If i masturbate to black pictures at first, and then switch to white when im already half way there, I start feeling my arousal is going away and im loosing my erection.
within a few minutes il be completely limp.

why do only black girls get me excited sexually. Iv tried everything, sex with white girls, masturbating to white porn.

I just can get used to them. they just dont turn me on.

Iv always kind of found the darker girls very sexy anyway.
africans,jamaicans, carribeans, they all work for me sexually as well as if i just like some their always going to be out of them.

I just dont like white girls, or blondes, they never work for me sexually, and iv never fell in love with a white girl..

i cant understand this. iv asked my doctor. he says i just prefer black girls.

he said everyone has their own preference.

some like blondes, some like white, some dont like the others.

he says im completely normal.

iv never had erection problems in my life, beside when im around white girls.

im enjoying life with my black girlfriend. iv never had any problems since. wer both very happy.

im just curious has anyone else had this problem.
GOSHH could this question have been any longer??!!?

to answer your question, you have only had good sexual experiences with black woman, and so far none with white woman.

That is why you are not attracted to a white woman. However, I think you just had bad luck. I think there are plenty of white woman who are fantastic in bed, gorgeous, sexy, etc... you just havent met them yet!!
What of the two nude-look fits better on me?
I'm the blonde girl and I've two quite revealing clothes, but...what do you like the most?
10 points for the most accurate answer!

i think the first is hot
Im tryin 2 figure out the name of a lifetime movie where a girl movies 2 california n starts in the adult ind.?
Its about a girl whos blonde who moves to california with her boyfriend and starts modeling nude then gets Into the adult Industry. I cant remember the name for the life of me. I want o watch It soo bad!
Mulholland Drive?

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