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My little girl had suddenly started peeing in her knickers?
my 3 and a half year old hasn't had an accident in over 1 year. she had worms a few weeks ago and for about 2 weeks now she keeps peeing herself. has anyone else had this happen as i'm getting abit worried
my three year old did the same a few months ago. she was potty trained for over a year and then just suddenly started having accidents. it only lasted for a few weeks and then she was back to normal. i think regressing is quite a normal phase for them to go through so dont worry, she'll be back to her usual self in no time x
My 14 year old daughter and her friends like holding their urine?
I am puzzled by my teenage daughters latest behavior, her and her friends have regular competitions to hold their pee, this goes on until someone or all of them wet themselves. A few weeks ago they where all staying over the othernight and they giot lots of drinks etc about 4pm, about 9pm i was listening to them in caseys rooms saying i really need to pee and all laughing about it saying you cant go etc,... Even at home when she is without her friends i can tell she is holding it - she jiggles around and looks uncomfortable. I heard her talking to her friend on the phone saying when you get up in the morning dont pee before you go to school and we will see if we can hold it all day, i have noticed from the washing she is putting out her knickers are smelling strong of urine from her peeing in them,. I really need some advice on how to takcle this it has been going on for over a month, I have also know she has been peeing in an icecream container in her room instead of going to the bathroom.
Bring her to the doctors office and tell all of the other mom's what they're doing. She could get a bladder infection. Go and talk to the doctor privately first and then tell the doctor to tell her all of the worst things that will happen. Then she'll probably pee.
Have you ever laughed so hard that you have actually peed?
I have.

I have also made my mum laugh so hard that she peed and had to go and change her knickers.

(P.S. This is meant to be funny, but I have actually peed myself laughing!).
Yup. It was damn funny too :)
Excessive Sweat in Vagina Area?
My friend just confided in me that she sweats a lot down there. She said that its so bad that it soaks through her knickers and pants and almost looks like she has peed her pants. Does anyone have any advice I can give her. Or has anyone ever gone through this? She would like an all natural remedy to stop sweating down there. She is so embarrassed and I feel so bad for her.
It is a self cleansing system. Everyone women has it once in a while. She can wear a thin pad to help her. Hey she is a clean person. It is normal.
2 year old daughter potty-training, refuses to do a poo in the potty or toilet?
started potty-training last sunday.
let her wear knickers throughout the day (only a nappy for when sleeping during the night).
she's been going to the potty for her pees just fine, she's not made an accident with peeing since starting her potty-training last week. but now we've got a problem, she absolutely cannot do a poo on the potty. she's pooped in her knickers every day since starting potty-training last week... its really silly cos when she gets the urge to poo she'd tell me and we'd go to the potty, but once she's sat on there for a few seconds, she decides she doesn't want to poo anymore and gets up.
moments later she poops in her knickers.
i've tried making her sit on the potty for longer whenever she tells me she feels like pooing... but it doesn't work. she would sit there and i think, she's holding it in, cos after 10 minutes when i get her off the potty, there'd be no poo there. and then she'll poop in her pants some time after that - it could be a few minutes or a few hours ...

how do i get her to poo on the potty? i've tried offering rewards but it doesn't help. also, she's absolutely terrified of pooing OR peeing in the toilet even though we've already added a special baby seat for the toilet. at least now she's happy to pee in her potty.... but pooing in the potty has still not happened...
I had this problem with my oldest. I tried to make her poop in the potty & all it did was keep her from pooping all together. I spoke to her Dr. who said it will come on it's own. So, I put her in undies & when she said she had to poop I put a diaper on her. She would find a spot to hide & poop & then I would change her & put her undies back on. This happened for about 2 months until when she went pee, she pooped right after & we never looked back. Think about how hard it must be for guys to poop in a potty. First of all, they are seeing their eaten & processed food pass to the toilet & also, when they normally poop, it doesn't have to be in a sitting position. They will have to be ready on their own. All you can do is help & support them.
Two girls on the way home...?
after a nite out.. One says to the other im dying for a pee, so am i replies the they nip into the grave yard to have there of the girls completly removes her knickers do's her pee and puts them in her handbag, the other girl just pulls her knickers down to her knee's and pee's on a wreath and pulls them back up again and there off on their way home...The next afternoon their husbands are talking in the says to the other "I'm a bit worried about what my missus may be up to because when she came home last nite I noticed her knickers in her handbag ! That nothing the other replies.."when my missus got undressed in the bedroom a card dropped on the floor from between her bum cheeks that said..."FROM ALL THE LADS AT THE FIRESTATION, WE'LL MISS YOU"
hilarious, i like it : )
Is that normal? A potty training question.?
Today was the first day of potty training my daughher ( 3 in May). We let her go with no diaper, so she pees herself directly on her knickers.
Here's my question.
I would say that she peed herself some 10 times, and she peed in the toilet bowl about 10 times, too. Is that ratio normal?
Yes because she isn't letting it all out. When she is fully trained it will cut down a lot. It also depends on how much she has to drink and how often.
Potty training my 2 and a half year old.?
Just need some advice on what to do next.
My Daughter is 2 years 9 months and the last few days she has been happily wearing knickers. We went out and bought her a little seat that goes on the toilet and she was excited about it and going in and out all day by herself having only a few accidents.
Today i took her straight to the toilet when we woke up and she didn't want to go, She is now asking to wear diapers and doesn't seem interested in wearing Knickers anymore.
What do i do? Does this mean she is not ready after all and i should ditch the knickers and just put her back in diapers & wait a little while and start again in a few weeks / months?
Or should i leave her in knickers and keep putting her on the toilet every so often even though she is moaning and crying about it??
When i put her on the toilet this morning she grizzled and said she already did Wees.. so i took her off and she peed her pants.
We were doing so well, im not sure what to do now.
Don't give up; keep her at it. Of course she wants to use diapers - it's so easy! buy her a Princess training seat, or let her pick out the undies so she WANTS to use them. Making her at least go into the bathroom and sit every couple of hours will eventually help her. Even if she doesn't like it, she has to start somewhere. She will eventually get it, but don't let her resort back to JUST the diapers... or else you'll be in for the looooong haul!
Shocking & Sensual Feeling between her Legs? (Extreme Sexual Content)?
A young couple are out for a romantic walk along a country lane. They walk hand in hand and as they stroll the guy's lustful desire rises to a peak. He is just about to get frisky when she says, "I hope you don't mind but I really do need to pee."

Slightly taken aback by this vulgarity he replies, "OK. Why don't you go behind this hedge."

She nods agreement and disappears behind the hedge. As he waits he can hear the sound of nylon knickers rolling down her voluptuous legs and imagines what is being exposed. Unable to contain his animal thoughts a moment longer, he reaches a hand through the hedge and touches her leg. He quickly brings his hand further up her thigh until suddenly and with great astonishment finds himself gripping a long, thick appendage hanging between her legs.

He shouts in horror, "My God Mary ... have you changed your sex?"

"No," she replies. "I've changed my mind, I'm having a sh*it instead."
LOL...that's awesome. Thanks for the laugh, I needed that today.
Potty training?
My niece is due to start primary school in september yet she is still in nappies and refuses to go anywhere near a potty or toilet. I am asking for advice for my sister who doesn't know what to do.
She has tried many times to train her, using bribes, reward charts etc.
She puts her in normal knickers and her daughter just pees herself everywhere, doesn't seem to notice or care that she has done it. When she needs a poo she goes into a corner to hide.
She has asked the health visitor and doctor but they are not very helpful, just suggesting things she has already done.
THe longest she has done is 3 weeks of just peeing everywhere before she gave up and put the nappies backon.
We know the little girl is not incontinent as she can hold it in when people are around and go into a corner to do it. And she doesn't have special needs, she is very intelligent in most respects.
Is there anything we can do? Will she never use a potty?
By the way she is 31/2 when she starts school she will be 4.
Your sister sounds like she i having a tough time with your little niece! I dont know her so am only guessing but perhaps your niece has picked up on the control she has over your sister with this? In this case, your sister needs to get control back. She could try taking something of your nieces away that she loves doing. It could be an activity or television etc Sit her down and tell her until she can start using the toilet or potty this wont be given back. She will soon learn that she has to cooperate to get her favourite thing/s back. It might take a while, your niece has got used to winning this battle and guyren can be stubborn if they think it can get them what they want in the end. Perhaps this is why this have never worked before if your sister gave in? I understand why she would give in, her washing machine basket must have always been full! Has something happened to frighten her, stress can often come out in strange ways with guyren and sometimes they cant express there feelings and worries therefore this can be how it manifests. She could be seeking attention. If your sister gets cross with her then as far as a guy is concerned being shouted at is better than no attention at all. When she has an accident then deal with it briskly but calmly. Maybe she could be reward with a special mummy and me outing or time? If she is craving the attention she will learn that using the loo rather than wetting herself earns her special time for her and mum (or dad if thats who she is craving attention from). If this doesnt work then your sister should take her to the doctors and have her referred to a behavioural therapist for help. She needs to be persistent if the doctor is unhelpful. I wouldnt worry about her starting school, it might actually help if she sees other guys using the toilet and the teachers there will help. Does she go to nursery? If not it might be worth thinking about, the nurses there are trained and can offer advice.I hope some of this has helped x

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