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Isn't it just sad how anyone who does not worship interracial relationships is considered a racist?
both on and off the internet.

I usually go on the singles and dating section and psychology section to read some of the answers of people. Whenever it concerns interracial dating people end up making paragraphs about how anyone who does not endorse them or support them is a racist and that one day the world will be a better place because everyone will be the same skin color if interracial relationships keep rising. I would hate it if that happened, I love diversity in my world and you can go to Africa and see how happy people are after everyone is the same color (not that it matters but as you can see humans will hate each other regardless).

In real life, today I was asked if I would marry a Blonde and I told the person to get lost. The person was my friend and I told him to quit annoying me because I am already married and in love (about to be a father). Well my wife is Spanish (I am an Asian Indian) and she has dark hair ans brown eyes just like me, my friend (don't even call him that anymore) tells me that I need to "diversify" because we are a "boring" couple. I end up cursing him out and he calls me a racist because I told him I wouldn't date a Blonde or redhead.

Isn't it just sad how everyone perceives you to be a racist whenever you say anything negative about interracial relationships but when you call same race marriages "boring", no one cares?
Yes, it is sad. I'm white and I have no issue with any races. I was actually an outcast in school because I sat at the "peanut free" table and was friends with asians, blacks, hispanics, and indians. I am only attracted to white women and have been called a racist because of it. Trust me, I love all sexy women but I just am more attracted to white women (no racist)

- If any race is attracted to another race, go for it. I'm not you and I don't have your preferences.
How can we save the white race from becoming exctinct?
How can we save white people from becoming exctinct, specially blond, redhead, green and blue eyed people? it's a fact, white people are becoming extinct

I'm not a racist or anything but i would feel so sad if people from my race would become extinct...i guess once choice could be breeding more? lol or stopping breeding interracial babies?
yea, right.... get real!
My white friend said that black men should not try to get redheads pregnant?
Because redheads have a mutated gene thus there red hair and the introdution of black genes would make the guy extra frail and would have a short life expectancy........

He says this is 100% true and non racist but actual genetics.....

I am not sure if he said that because I like this redhead at work or because he is trying to be helpful.........even though it is hurtful......

He said black men should have guys with blondes or brunnets....

Does hair color do anything with pregancy in the first place and does it affect interracial relationships with black guys?
No. Do not believe that guy. There is no truth to that.
Does anyone else hate people who try to force interracial dating down your throat?
I see it on yahoo answers all the time. In the singles and dating section people always post about how you are racist if you don't date outside of your own race but I never got that. In real life I sometimes see people who keep preaching some crap about how we should all date outside our own race because you are hurting future generations by dating people the same race as you.

Of course as a dark haired, brown eyed and light skin Indian male I prefer women who have the same traits. I find Blondes and redheads to be unattractive, even brown hair is unattractive to me and I have turned down girls with those traits.

If you call someone a racist for dating exclusively inside their own race then why not call them a sexist for only dating outside their own gender?

Since when did it become a sin to date inside your own race?
This is a ridiculous question... and a waste of keyboard time. Date who the *&#$ you want to date. NOBODY really cares dude. Who cares what YOU are interested in or what YOU may find attractive or unattractive. It is not so important to anybody that you date outside your race or inside of it or that you date at all. Do what makes you happy and stop imagining that it's a big deal to anybody else becaue it's not. Most of this is in your mind.
For parents of Biracial Guyren, has this ever happened to you?
Bit of an overview:
I'm 1/2 Irish, 1/2 Scottish (redhead with freckles and blue eyes)
My wife is 1/2 Korean, 1/2 Australian (long black curly hair and dark brown asian eyes)
My first set of twin boys (redheads with faint freckles and brown asian eyes)
My second set of twin boys (going to be born in 2 weeks time)

Anyways, I'm going back to my hometown with my wife and 4 boys in August for a week to meet my parents and friends. The people over there are still very conservative and are against interracial marriages, and everytime we go there they give us a hard time. Last year the lady at the supermarket counter looked at my older boys and asked my wife are they really yours? People have been quite rude and said nasty things to us in the past.

Has anyone ever asked you if your guys are really yours (because they don't resemble you at all)? Have you ever got anybody saying crap about your guys, because they don't accept interracial marriages? If so, how did you reply or answer back keeping your calm? Because they keep on annoying my wife and I'm really close to the limit of snapping. Have your guys ever been teased by the other guys whose parents are not open to the whole interracial relationship idea? How do you deal with that?
I am Caucasian and the birthfather of my son is South Korean. (he left us so he is never seen)

I will be walking around the store with my 1 year old son in the stroller and a random stranger will come up to him. Awe he is so cute (ya know how that goes..) then they see how dark his eyes are and notice his Asian traits then look up at me and go .."Hm." then will continue with their aweing. Someone once said that he resembled The Rock (the wrestler/actor).

Once somebody had the nerve to ask where he got his dark traits from after looking at me and his caucasian dad (who has been there since I was 4 months pregnant).

Just either ignore them or if it's rude enough, snap! You have to protect your guyren and should try to change their views now.
So when did it become racist to have preferences when dating?
I for example would not date a White girl at all, especially if she was a Blonde or Redhead because I find those features unattractive and I am just not attracted to them at all. Most people say personality this and that but I have learned that personality changes once you really get to know a person and see them for who they are.

Now in the United States we have such diversity and I am the type of person who would reject a girl who was White because I feel more comfortable dating and marrying a Black or Asian woman (Hispanic is not a race). Does that mean I hate White people? No, if that was the case then you could say I hate men as well since I would not date a man.

Whenever I read replies on the Dating section I hear people call others racist for this. Recently a Black girl got called racist because she said she would only date Black men (she never insulted any other race).

Also, the "you could miss out on a perfect mate" part is complete crap in my view. Okay so I should FORCE myself to date a Blonde or Redhead just because she could be "the one" and completely reject Black women? YA RIGHT!

Radical views on interracial dating make me sick.

So when did having preferences and sticking to them make you a racist?
I really don't think who you are attracted to sexually determines your attitudes towards groups of people at all, despite growing up in culturally diverse Brixton, I have only dated two black women. Similarly after returning from two years in Japan I have found myself more attracted to East Asian women (admittedly more Japanese than any other nationality) - does this make me racist in that I have been more attracted to them than most white women? of course not that would just be silly, so i think the same rule applies.

Just date girls you are attracted to and ignore whatever other people have to say about them, as long as you like them, that's all that counts!
What do you think of this?
I'm a 6ft. Scottish guy. Quite pale skin with some freckles, I'm redhead with blue eyes. Very a beefy and muscular rugby player type.

My girlfriend is Indian/Belgian. She has tanned skin tone, dark brown eyes and black hair. She's about 5 ft. 7 in and has an atheltic built.

When we are together holding hands and stuff while walking down the streets or when we go to the pub to catch a rugby game often people stare at us and they seem to look really uncomfortable around us. They treat us like it's wrong to be in a interracial relationship. On a couple occasions I've also heard the odd insult like "Jack*** Ginger Boy" or "Ginger Asian Bas****." I find it really aggravating that people don't mind their own business and have a problem with this kind of stuff.

What do you think about Interracial Relationships? What do you make out of this situation? What would you do if you were me? (Because I was almost fired up to beat the crap out of the guys insulting us like that.)
Wow, dumb people still at it? I'm a black chick and i like all kinds of guys. if i see a guy i like despite his compexion i like him because there's something about him that attracted me. People are ignorant and they fall for the ignorant rules that ignorant folks put up because they are stupid. Don't bother with them, if they're at it kiss your girl and smirk at them, because your happy. And plus i bet one of them has at least liked someone that was a different race but wouldn't admit it or at least done it and plan on keeping it into a top secret bull. Look, worry about you-- for all you know you'll never see them and if you do they'll be drinking their lives away. Hopes this helps. Peace
Some people say that we should all come together and mate outside of our own race, what is the point?
People say that we should all mate outside of our own race more and interracial marriages should be encouraged so one day we can all come together and defeat racism. Well one of the things I like about the US is the fact that we are so diverse as a country and that I can see Black, White, Asian and Hispanic girls.

Even if the pointless utopia people are talking of is to come true (it won't, most people prefer mates of their own race), how would it solve any problems? We are all humans and if we are the same race then we will still make a big deal out of skin tones and everything. I mean look at Asia and Africa, everyone there is the same skin color, hair color and race but those people are still killing each other based on religion and other things.

What next? Make it so everyone is the same religion? Make it so all people have the same political views? Make it so everyone likes the same type of things? Just so "hatred" can end?

I honestly love diversity and in terms of dating or marriage, I am a dark hair man with brown eyes who would not go with a Blonde or Redhead. I am not attracted to White women at all in most cases unless they are Italian or Spanish. I don't really care about what others do but in reality, I believe that the fact people are trying to force interracial mating down everyone's throat for the sake of ending racism is just stupid.
I completely agree with you.

..People should feel free to date whoever they want to date, whether that be a person of their own race or a person of a different race. Forcing people to abstain from dating certain races would be tantamount to depriving them of very basic human rights, in my honest opinion.

I also don't think having everybody get assimilated so that we ALL end up having the same color of skin would be ideal. Frankly, it would be a little sad. I like the diversity that comes with having different ethnicities. This world would be SO boring if everybody looked the same!

"I am a dark hair man with brown eyes who would not go with a Blonde or Redhead. I am not attracted to White women at all in most cases.."

I am personally a white woman, and I am not insulted by that in the SLIGHTEST. Good for you that you know what YOU want. As said: everybody should feel free to date whoever they feel like, and they should not be forced to date anyone they would NOT want to date. =)
How much is "too much" in a YA series of novels (Re-post - advice, please)?
I've been working on a story for the last two or three years - actually a set of stories. If I ever get published, it'll be a series :]. It's YA-themed, so it'd be geared toward the 14-18 age group, & it focuses on a group of teenagers living in a small, wealthy town, who've known each other basically their whole lives & are starting to come of age during their time in high school together.

The problem is, there's so much going on in my plot(s) for their stories, that I'm wondering if I'm including too much. The main characters are one sassy, cynical, African-American girl who is accepted into this predominantly Caucasian world (from a normal family); a semi-spoiled blonde who lost her father at the age of 12 (upper-middle class); a shy, intelligent Hindu girl with strict parents (also upper-middle class); an over-achieving, practical-minded redhead; & her cocky, flirtatious male cousin (both of them come from the same affluent family). The story's entirely centered around each of their personal lives, as well as the relationships that hold their "group" together, so there's plenty of conflict. Part One includes the beginnings of a love triangle, & a sexual assault on one of the main girls. Part Two involves the developings of this love triangle, a suicide attempt, the separation of one of the character's parents, & a secret "friends-with-benefits" relationship. Part Three: still the love triangle, but now with the introduction of more inter-family turmoil. Part Four: wrapping up the loose ends of Part Three (that's about the simplest explanation I can give). Finally, Part Five involves a family member's passing, the birth of a lesbian relationship, & the conclusion of all the drama that started in Part One. (There's focus on interracial dating, too).

It sounds like a big mess, I know: catfights happen, alliances are broken, secrets are revealed, all that stuff. But I know I can handle writing it. I just don't know if a possible audience would want to bother READING it. My question is...having read the short synopsis of my story, do you think it's all too much to put into one YA SERIES? Not a single novel, but five separate ones.

I'll appreciate all thoughtful answers, thanks :].
So long as this is in seperate distinct novels, and the storylines that you want to tie into several of them are done well and not dragged on and on (as is often done, which gets boring), I don't see a problem.

I mean, if you had a whole series with this group of friends only dealing with a single issue, you'd either run out of things to write pretty quickly, or it would get boring even faster.

Good luck!
Should white people have more babies?
Specifically ethnic Europeans. Europe, collectively, has sinisterly low-fertility rates. I don't want Muslims invading my ancestral homeland; I want western culture preserved.

FYI, I'm 100% white. I have green eyes, red hair and a Nordic nose. Moreover, I come from Argentina (but I'm a U.S citizen), a European country much like the U.S.

And here are my thoughts on race: "It just bothers me when a white women, especially a redhead, wastes her genes when she marries a dark man. Typically, her offspring never look like her. Colored eyes, colored hair and certain facial features are lacking. I won't mind, however, if the offspring come pit pretty white.

It epically angers me when a red head marries a non-white, or anyone that lacks significant European ancestry.

It just doesn't look good when biracial people lack white genes. Like, "Where are the blue eyes, brown hair, the nordic nose?"

I used to never care about interracial marriage until I opened my eyes and observed.

White genes are recessive. That's why most mestizos look more Amerindian than European. They only look white if both parents have significant European ancestry.

This is not a racist question; this is a concern. I truly hope ethnic Europeans start having more babies, because, quite frankly, the world would suck without white people. Those genes gotta be preserved. Do you agree. Maybe we ought to whiten the world."

Mixed people with significant white genes are a minority.

This is not a race question. It's more about genetics. There's reason why I posted this question in this section.
I agree with you about this issue. The white gene was not the 'dominant gene' at the beginning of human creation (however you want to take that) and certainly are not now. There are numerous so-called 'minority' races - FAR more than that of any white or European race. White people (or those who have European ancestry) don't realize it, but WE are the minority!

As far as white people having more babies is concerned? I don't think ANYONE of ANY race should have any more babies. The world human population now stands at 6.9 billion*. It needs to stop, or at the very least, the planet needs a world war to "thin out the herds".... (pardon my candor)

©, redhead interracial