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Valentines day treat? Sexy lingerie? Women answers only?
Hi wondered if you could help I have some nice sexy babdydoll outfits etc from ann summers I am going to treat my new partner to these on valentines day but just need a bit of advice. Im going to wear it with fishnet stocking but I wan tto know should I wear shoes with it even tho We will be in the bedroom? How do you wear them and what suggestions do you have for dressing up nice? Thanx
that whole babydoll completely based on man sexist ideas of women...stop pandering 2 ur mans fantasies and start living out ur own!!!
Where are the sexy women's underwear/ lingerie shops in Cairo?
I see them all the time but I went to downtown yesterday and didn't pass one.
Can you tell me where? Thanks
are you sure that you were in down town and couldn't find??
pardon me if i told you it's impossible...

ok you can find stores called gioia , it is found in mohammed farid's street and in talaat harb street and it has other branches some where elses.,
also there is a shop called taz baaz but it is kinda expensive also in talat harab i think it is near the talat harb mall infront of a bank can't remember it's name.
you can also check cooky's it is found in ramsis hilton's mall in tahrir and other branches..

try again and you will find plenty!!
Do all men like women in sexy lingerie, no matter the weight?
ive never been a skinny girl and now to add to that i am also pregnant so i dont look too good in lingerie...

my question is, do all men find girls attractive in sexy lingerie no matter the weight?

im not massively obese, baby weight included maybe 89kgs
my wife is a big woman i think she was at her peak in beauty in late pregnancy with twins that she carried to term.shes still heavy,i still love her and find her sexually attractive,even though i find thin women attractive too.i suppose love is blind but that is not how i feel about my wife.she is beautiful as she is.i will have no other.
Do women often wear sexy lingerie beneath their clothing or just functional lingerie?
Is sexy lingerie only for putting on in front of or for her man? Or does it serve a utilitarian purpose and also enable her to feel her sexuality?
lol this question is so retarded no offense. im not going to throw on cheap, itchy, overly provocative, and uncomfortable lingerie unless i wanted someone to see it. its pretty darn uncomfortable to wear on a daily basis to work. plus id probably be itching
Should I be concerned if I find sexy women's lingerie in my girlfriend's car and it is not her size?
Actually it seems to be my size.
Only if she does not know its yours, tell her quickly.
LADIES ONLY: We love women in sexy lingerie. So what's the male equivalent of that?
I mean, women wear sexy lingerie to turn men on, so what do men wear to turn women on?
Freshly showered...wearing nothing but a towel...
Why don't white women wear sexy lingerie like latin or black women ? I 'm tired of only finding white stuff?
when I go to play in your bra and panty drawer!
wow. didnt see this coming.
Do women really like sexy lingerie as Christmas presents?
or do women think men only buy that for their own selfish needs just so they can see you in it?
or do women like a certain fabric and color or style that they can only pick out for themselves?
Some of us really do, and it's usually because sexy lingerie costs more than ordinary lingerie, so we don't have as much sexy lingerie as we'd like. We like to look sexy for our partner.
Do women still wear sexy lingerie ?
I am just curious, im getting back into the dating field, my ex didnt, and I enjoy a women that likes dress sexy once in awhile.
The really feminine women do as they know all too well how to please their man.

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