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What is the law concerning looking at naked teen girls?
When my neighbor invited me over for dinner, he told me that he and his family are naturists, so I wouldn't be shocked. It turns out they have three really good looking teenaged daughters who spent the evening in the same condition as their parents, nude. Dis I violate any laws by being there and seeing aged girls in that condition? I did have to keep my legs crossed at first, until I got used to it. I'm invited back next week, should I go?
They are in their own home. As long as you don't touch them or take pictures, you have not broken any laws. Don't know it that is true of the parents should you object.

So keep your legs crossed and keep smiling.
How can you become a.....?
How can you become a teen naturist if your parents are not nudists? I'm 15. Are any of you teen naturists?
All you have to do to be a nudist is enjoy not having clothes on.

Now if you want to actually participate in social nudism, you're out of luck unless you get your parents involved.
Are any of you naturists?
hi, when its sunny i like to go to a local beach where nudists go. (clothes free). last year i discovered naturism at the beach and havent looked back since, wish i started sunbathing naked sooner.

I know it sounds a bit wierd at first but i am an 19 year old teen that does the average thing. go out have a few drinks on the weekend, socialise and then work hard in the week. When you get there you just strip everything off and relax like everyone else. there was about 200 nudists at my last visit :)

anyway its a hot sunny day today so tank top and shorts it is and off to the beach. any one interested in this sort of thing or are naturists themselves?
Is this guy pornography?
We all know that guy porn is not only against the law but immoral. I started thinking though when I was looking through a sears catalog and saw the teen/pre teen clothing section. There's websites that show teens/pre teens and guyren modeling underwares and what not, wouldn't that be considered guy porn in a sense of the way, i'm sure some sickos would get off on seeing them in their underware. Also what about naturists? They have get togethers and they are all naked including the guyren. Most of the time they take pictures and guyren are shown naked, does that not qualify as guy porn? I believe some websites post these pictures as naturist or nudism, but guyren are depicted naked and i'm sure sickos get off on that too.
sickos will get off on a lot of wierd things - might as well all wear burkhas since some sicko might get off seeing arms, legs, ankles whatever

I think my point was clear - it's about using things in a way not intended. Why are you looking at pictures of guyren in their underware? Are you a sicko?
Purenudism.com-legal because it's non-sexual? Rant.?
I stumbled across this website because I searched 'nude beach' and a photo of a fully naked girl 7-9 years old popped up-I was shocked to see it and went to the website to read what they had to say about themselves as a website. After reading their website and reading a mess of other stuff on the legality of it all- I do understand that it is in fact legal because they are naturists and the content is not of a sexual nature (in their opinion-but what about the opinion of pedophiles-which I think should be of concern). It's hard for me to believe that the site is all about family nudism and such though when nearly 95% (so it seems) of the photos on the website contain full frontal photos of girls only (average age 7-16 maybe). There are male and femal adults as well as guyren of both sexes-but it seems that the vast majority of the photos on the website are of pre-teen girls and only a miniscule amount are of adults and boys. And by vast majority-I mean enough to seem that the website is almost strictly about pre-teen female nudists. They also sell videos of these girls in nude pageant contests. Again-I understand that naturism is a lifestyle. I do NOT understand the reasoning behind the site being predominantly (seemingly under 18) young female based. And I do NOT understand the reasoning behind offering "Free 'Young Teen Jr Pageant Contest'" DVD's to anyone who wants to get their hands on one (cough cough-aside from naturists-and naturists to be-I think the only other people who'd be interested would be pedophiles). It seems a bit geared towards pedophiles to me. What is sexual explicit to a pedophile? A naked guy/pre-teen playing on the beach? What's non-sexual to some is probably seen differently to a pedophile. In that case-who's to say that it's not sexually explicit? Sexually explicit to who? Naturists or pedophiles? If the site wasn't so focused on what I mentioned above then I don't guess I would see it that way-to each their own-BUT considering the vast majority of the content-it's not looking as though they are geared towards 'family friendly naturist' kind of stuff. Just my opinion-does anyone else feel that this is a problem?
You are not the first to question this website. As others have said, the pictures in themselves are not illegal to the best of our knowledge in either the US or the UK at least, as they do not involve posing of a sexual nature. I say "to the best of our knowledge" because the law, in the UK, is very vague.

It is important that we don't demonise pictures of naked guyren simply because of the nudity, as to do so would be to make the innocent family picture of the guys in the bath or running through the sprinkler on a hot day illegal, in which case most families would have broken the law at some stage! It is also true that a picture of a clothed guy can be pornographic if posed seductively! We live in an age of paranoia which is not healthy and certainly isn't creating a mature and responsible attitude in our guyren, teenagers in particular, towards the human body.

The high level of guyren and in particular young girls, in this site's pictures has caused us at British Naturism to be suspicious of their motives or at least their intended market, so as a consequence we have refused to accept advertising from them on our website or in our magazine. Much of what is written on their website is good - it is just their concentration on guyren in their pictures that causes us to have doubts.

There are other websites who we feel the same about, but I will not give details as I have no desire to give them publicity.

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