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If an under age teen(girl) has intercourse with a dog. Will the dog have to register as a sex offender?
Curiously, with these crazy teen w/teen registered sex offender laws I'm not surprised! One girl I read resorted to petting her dog instead of her date. It states the dog knot is ideally located to send a woman to the moon. If this is true, then us guys are in serious trouble. Scary thought!
what the hell??????
wow seriously? hahahahahaha
yeah cuz a dog can TOTALLY register as a sex offender, and us girls LOVE gettin some from dogs :P

lets be a little mature here, thanks
and if you hafta THINK about that, then youd RILLY need a life
How come having sex with a teen under the age of 18 labels you as a pedophile?
wouldn't the correct term be Hebephiliacs?
You'll probably be up all night wondering won't you
Sex with under age teens?
Ok granted young guyren need to be protected...but I have a problem with the show trying to catch "predators" that is being aired. Just as the men who hope to gain acces to young teens through the internet...NBC is also using the same teen to gain ratings...pimping teen girls for viewers. Would they be as quick to air the problem or sponsor the idea if no rating were there? I believe that the sex with young girls is not the ultmate goal for men...it is the conquest It is like with any prostitude ..it is like a drug and to continue to advertise it in this mtter makes it more of a challenge. Sure continue the stings...but lets take Reality TV out of the picture. Furthermore, stop allowing Network TV from making money from a crimial act that victimizes teenage girls. Do you really hink the problem has decreased due to the program.
Can under age sex harm a girls body?
Hi, I'm going an article at age teen sex and the effects and problems for a girl, for school and being a virgin myself, because im age, i don't know the actual effects that it can have on a body. i know the possible mental effects, but can it harm the girls reproductive system? her body?

Thank you for your help! :)
Lexx isn't quite right. The reason that girls who have sex when young have a greater chance of cervical cancer is because they have a greater chance of getting HPV. HPV is so common that everyone gets it at one time or another, mostly without even realizing it, so it becomes a numbers game. The more years you're sexually active the more likely you are to be infected. Also, it may have something to do with age girls not getting pelvic exams, so maybe the infection goes undetected for longer. But I wonder if the danger still exists now that we have the HPV vaccine.

Teen sex by itself is not dangerous at all. It doesn't harm the girl's body in any way. Parents would love to tell you that it does so you'll wait, but in fact the biggest danger is pregnancy, which is risky for any woman. Throughout most of history, women got married very soon after starting to menstruate, so teen sex is actually the norm.
In texas... two teens..under the age of 18..is it illegal for them to have sex?
i am being told if u have sex under age 18..than its lude and lacideous conduct... i mean..i am 16..my bf is 15..can we get in trouble for having sex..legally??
No your both fine, just don't film it or take pictures because then you have age pictures which is illegal. (Strange but true) Plus pics last forever.
Why is it ok for two age teens to have sex, but if another teen had sex with an adult, it is bad thing?
A silly question, yet still controversial, and in some cases unfair.

In one case a teen consented with an adult, but the law says that the teens was "unaware" of their actions because they were a minor, thus it was a statutory rape.

Which means the minor that consented (and in some cases who wanted to have sex) is the victim the adult is labled a "pedophile rapist" and is sent to jail/ prison. And even if the teen testify that this was consensual, the testimony won't help.

Do you find this fair when ever this happened?

An under age teen who buys condoms for sex is ok as long they have sex other under age teens around their age range. but if seen with an adult, the adult is in trouble and can be labled as a "sex offender".

Do you see something wrong here?

For some reason the law say you a guy until 18 and then you are an adult. so if you had sex with a teen who 17 you can be arrested.

(Note that I never identify gender for either adult or teen. Think about that for a minute.)
In most US states, the age of consent is 16, not 18.

One reason that young teens can consent to sex with each other but not with adults is that Adults are often in an unequal position of power with teens and they also are more sophisticated and capable of manipulating teens into doing things that they wouldn't normally do.
Need an answer from teen girls under the age of 18....would you have sex with or willing date?
a man in his 30s? why or why not? please state you age.

would you rather be with a boy your own age or a grown man in his 30s?
A boy my own age! I just turned 17 and I'm dating someone who is 20 and thats the oldest I'll date. Anything older than that is just creepy!
Girl has intercourse with a dog due to under age sex laws. Is that legal? and what happens to the dog?
I read the old line,"Pet your dog not your date" for teen girls having puberty urges. It states, she can't get pregnant and no fear of aids or STD's. I have a Vet client as a friend he said as far as health goes there's no harm. Morals may be an issue for some though. I guess a dog is girl best friend. one thing is true they'll never lie, cheat or steal and love unconditionally, but sheesh, A DOG!
Not illegal, just...um...very odd. I hope the dog has its shots, who knows what it could pick up from the girl. Poor Dog.

See Spot, see Spot run, run Spot run very fast.
Do you think America views under age sex differently than the UK?
WELL from what i've seen on this website, a lot of Americans..teens and adults, wish to wait until marriage to have sex, and disapprove of teenagers having sex. However i'm from Scotland, and i don't know ONE person who wants to wait until marriage :L also i'd say 60% of people i know had lost their virginity by 16. why do you think people view sex differently in the UK and USA? is it due to the lower drinking age? generally teens start drinking at 14-15 here, yet on this website loads of American teens say "OH i would never drink, not my thing "etc.

why is this?
Honestly, the teens on Y!A are way more opinionated on age sex than those I know in real life. I don't know one person who has said they want to wait until marriage and I am from the United States. I am 15 years old and I've had 2 sexual partners. I'm a sophomore in high school and I'd say that 20% of my grade has lost their virginity, but 50% of the juniors have lost their virginity in the grade above me.

I don't think age sex has anything to do with a lower drinking age. 90% of the teenagers I know (around 15 years old) have at least tried alcohol and probably 30% drink on a weekly basis. Again, the users on this website seem more opinionated on age drinking too. Generally most teenagers have their first drink around 13 years old here, and they start drinking on a weekly basis around 16 years old.

I actually don't know anyone my age who is on birth control to prevent pregnancy because a lot of parents wouldn't allow their guyren to go on it. My father actually insisted I went on it to control my periods, but my mother didn't allow it because she thought it was encouraging age sex. Condoms are readily available though, so birth control doesn't really effect age sex.

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