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What college has some wild parties and hot chicks?
and that are easy to get into???
You seriously want to pay for a college education just to party? You have got to be guyding me...
You think Colleges should train and tame good looking wild chicks ?
Chicks nowadays are nice but are still very wild ,stubborn and not easily trainable.. should colleges do their part in training chicks??
ha...this is one chick that'll never be tamed! x
Is it regular for me to go wild over chicks with Black hair and yellow skin?
Whenever I see a Blonde (no matter how good she looks), Brunette (brown hair chick no matter how good she looks), or Redhead (no matter how good she looks) I do not even look in their direction or bother to pay attention to them. As a result my friends believe that I am not attracted to girls in general and that I am gay.

Well whenever I see a girl with yellow skin and Black girl and if she is around my age group and okay looking, I go bananas and cannot stop looking at the girl. I have had a heavy fetish towards Asian girls and women (don't know if I should include this but I masturbated to some Asian porn videos on the internet 7 times in Hour and I had to turn off my computer as a result just to control myself). I just am worried, I am Asian myself (East Indian) and I live in a mostly Black and White town in Georgia. I have the good grades and SATs and I plan on going to college in California, I am going to be a senior when high school begins this August. When I do see girls with Black hair and yellow skin I tend to look at them, I try to look away but I again just end up looking at them and I am worried.

Is this whole thing getting out of hand? I heard that there are a lot of women in California with yellow skin and Black hair and I do not want to appear like a creep to anybody.
Lmao...you're just a teenager, who just so happens to be attracted to women of color (asian, black, etc..) you're not alone...every guy has certain types of women that they have a special "thing" for, and this just-so-happens to be yours. If you DON'T feel this way about certain types of women, that's when you should be worried about being abnormal, or stange. But, you're fine.

edit: That's up to you, the chances are you will, though. To me it seems like you have a very strong preference for this type of women, so that will most likely lead up to you marrying one because of the attraction. If this attraction for yellow skin, and black hair remains (which i have no doubt that it will, or won't) I'd be shocked if you didn't end up marrying one.
I keep getting confused about my sexuality... Please help me! Am I gay, bi, or what?
OK ive asked this 3 times before but now this is a little different. heres the story, Im 20 im a virgin. Ive kissed like 5 girls in my life, and ive had only 1 girlfriend. My first girlfriend was at the age of 17 we tried to have sex and i was super scared. I mean i didn't even get hard. I was terrified... She left me not too long after that... (Wild college chick life) I like women, i watch porn with women and get aroused by them. But when im out in the street i notice guys, in my head i call guys cute, handsome. I have friends who are a little bi, there emo and i dont know why but i always get attracted to them. Something about guys with hair, and fitting clothes its weird. But i would never want to have sex or date a guy and surely wouldn't kiss one. But then again idk never been in the position. People think im a little fruity, i sorta look like omarion with a fade cut. I have a hard time getting women, i like 10 rated girls but i cant get them. My parents and friends think im gay.
If you call guys cute well then ... ya isn't enough information already? I can't even think of a straight guy calling another guy cute unless they were goofing off.

But then again, this is who you are. I'm not gay but it's your life and your body, and nobody else should judge that. Just don't go shoving homosexuality down other people's throats and things'll be fine.
What is a really good party college?
whats a good party college that has a ton of parties, hot girls and just everything a party should have? ive been really thinking of going to ASU or UCLA but i also want a school thats wild and has alot of chicks. aree those good choices at all?
UC Santa Barbara and Chico State are notorious party schools.
Do you Guys think that the Girls who participate in Girls Gone Wild Video are real and not acting?
I mean...so many girls in the video Kiss and have sex with other woman. Some seem real and it doesn't look like they are hired actresses or do it for money? What do you guys think? Are these really college Chicks from all around America?
Can someone name me some chick flicks that are set in College/High school?
(Preferably after the year 2000)

Something like
St. Trinians, Wild Guy, Angus Thongs and Perfect Snogging, Mean Girls Ect....

Nothing like Love actually, Notting Hill, Pretty Woman and those boring ones (no offence)
10 Things I Hate About You is one of my all-time favorites!
Sydney White, Cruel Intentions, The Breakfast Club, Fame, Risky Business, Never Been Kissed, Back to the Future...
Also, check out Charlie Bartlett...

I LOVE St. Trinians! It's brilliant.
Why would college students wanna share a room? What are the benefits?
You have no privacy - can't really have wild sex with a chick (/guy if you are female) - can't turn up the volume of your TV - can't watch porn - your roommate might invite people that you don't like - can't walk around naked feeling comfortable - etc. etc.
What on earth are the benefits?
no benefits, only pain

for 5 years i shared a room, i didn't have money to pay for a private rented room
Why are girls like this in college?
I am in college and live in an apartment with three other guys and it is pretty wild. One of my roommates (lets call him Jim), is what some would call, a ladies man. There is no denying it. This guy juggles 4 -5 good looking girls at once. Now here is the problem. My other roommate and I have always been very perplexed by Jim's ability to lure women in. Jim is not in very good shape, he is short and has a tiny frame. However, all the girls claim he is "good looking". But, appearances don't matter, it is personality that counts, right? Wrong...Jim is honestly the most deceitful and manipulative guy I have ever known. When I first met him I noticed how easily he got people to adore him, even I thought he was awesome at first, but then I got to know him. See I am the kind of guy that reads straight through bullshit, it runs in my family. So I soon became the guy who would immediately call him out for every manipulative thing he tried to do, and I was commended for it. This created a tension between me and him. He knows that I wont tolerate his BS and for that he both hates and respects me. Anyway, back to the point. Jim is constantly nailing dozens of girls that clearly deserve better then him. I feel so bad for some of them because they think that he actually likes them when in reality they are just the flavor of the week. Jim had this beautiful, smart, caring, cool, down to earth girlfriend once and he cheated on her all the time! Literally this girl was amazing, but my buddies and I felt so bad for her. She clearly deserved better. BTW to clarify this has nothing to do with jealousy, which I know many people will be quick to point to. Neither me or my friends are unattractive or self conscious. We have all been in relationships. We have great personalities and are genuinely good people (unlike Jim). No, we aren't the most successful guys with women on campus, but we do alright. It just perplexes us why so many good girls are going after this guy, when they deserve better. Why oh Why? Please tell me what the deal is with these chicks? It is utterly unfathomable to me how the universe has allowed this to happen. Good people deserve better they are being subjected to here. This question would be easy to answer if this was high school, but its not its college! and we are seniors! I always thought girls were supposed to have matured by now. Thank you and sorry for the shotty explanation this is what I like to call a finals break.
Sadly we girls don't have a bullshit radar until we get hurt sooooooooooooo many times that we're bitter.

Girls are easy to fool because we listen to more of what you say then what you do. Think about it guys are visual they see actions girls are emotional we try to find out the emotional reason for it.

Ex: When a guy tells a story it is just what happened. When a girl tells a story it's about what she was feeling, the way that person said something etc.
Hooking up with chicks?
ok, so I am a good looking guy, never had problems attracting girls or hooking up. Well, all my hookups have been when i'm not sober, after a wild night of drinking (or with gf's so that doesnt count).
Well now graduating college there are less wild nights, the game is a little different. So recently I have gotten a couple of very attractive girls, and they happen to be "not looking for a relationship, just looking to have fun"...now I know this, and am fine with it like any guy is...but for some reason I can't make the move when I am sober, I pussy out thinking maybe that's not what they are looking for....then they lose interest and we just stop talking eventually.....
Any tips ?
well its all in your head. try like talking it over within your head, and convincing yourself you can do it. try talking to ugly girls, at first and build confidence,

its really not hard
you have identified the problem- know you got to step up.
or get counseling
or other drugs to help- which might not solve the whole problem

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